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  • The Dream is Free

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The Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey (SHCCNJ) HISPANIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM’s mission is to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate business education and mentorship services for free to Hispanic small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Whether developing ideas into sustainable business platforms, assisting existing small businesses with tangible scaling strategies or providing narratives with real-world application, New Jersey’s over 119,000 Hispanic owned businesses need an appropriate support system to flourish.

It is the concept of “familia” that will allow our community to grow together, and sustain real growth. This program provides access to knowledge and tools, individual mentorship and coaching, and a community and network that arms our students with the skill set necessary to become successful. Application for our FREE program closes in January 2019. The program starts in February 2019. For additional program information, application and sponsorship opportunities visit www.shccnjetp.com


Hispanic Entrepreneurship Training Program
Latina Entrepreneurship Training Series